Strikeforce Rant

06 Jan

Strikeforce has done a lot this past year to establish themselves as the #2 MMA promotion in the world. But they are still leaps and bounds behind the UFC, and will stay there if some things don’t change.

1. It is January 6th… They have a major card coming up on the 30th, and still half of the card is undetermined. Hershcel Walker and Bobby Lashely are still without opponents. Strikeforce does this nearly every card. Fighters need to know who they are fighting earlier than this to train accordingly.

2. Showcase your star fighters better! Last Strikeforce card, they had a lightweight championship belt on the line (which turned out to be the most exciting fight of the year) that was not the main event. Instead, they make Cung Le the headliner, who is more interested in doing movies these days then fighting.

Now, on their January 30th event… they have put their #1 contender for the welterweight title on the preliminary card. Jay Hieron is one of the best fighters in Strikeforce, and yet no one will see him (time permitting). And it’s not like Hieron is getting pushed off the main card for the likes of Fedor, Dan Henderson, Mousasi, etc…. no, he’s getting bumped for a 46 year-old ex-NFL running back and a ex-WWE superstar. Don’t get me wrong, i am interested in seeing Herschel Walker fight… but put him on one of the Strikeforce: Challenger Series events. On an event where you are crowning your first welterweight champion, it would be nice for the casual fan to see the guy that will be the first in line to challenge that belt.

I just hope Strikeforce noticed how EliteXC was destroyed when they tried to promote gimmicks than their actual talented fighters.

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