Local Scene Spotlight: 2/28/2010

28 Feb

Pictured: Yves Edwards

Mixed Fighting League

David Loiseau def Chester Post by TKO – Rd. 1

Tom Murphy def Bruno Hosier by TKO – Rd. 1

Steve Bosse def Mavin Eastman by UD

Louis-Phillipe Carles def Chris Vorano by TKO – Rd. 1

Matrix Fights 1

Matt Makowski def Levon Maynard by UD

Cole Konrad def Joel Wyatt by TKO – Rd. 1

World Championship Fighting 9

Rick Hawn def Tom Gallicchio by UD

John Benoit def Noah Wiseman by UD

Maximum Fighting Championship – Heat XC

Yves Edwards def Derrick Noble by TKO – Rd. 1

Tom Watson def Travis Galbriath by KO – Rd. 1

Dwayne Lewis def Ryan McClain by TKO -Rd. 2

Jesse Juarez def Nathan Gunn by KO – Rd. 1

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